Indus Battle Royale Apk Download for Android & iOS

Hey there, are You looking for the Latest Indus Battle Royale APK downloading Link for Android and iOS? So, in this article, we will provide the official Downloading Link for the Indus BattleRoyale Game, which SuperGaming develops.

Indus Battle Royale is an Indian Battle Royale game similar to the BGMI and Pubg Mobile. But, It seems that Indus has some new Concepts and Gameplay experience than the Other Battle Royale games available in the Market, so If you are looking for an Indus APK, explore this Awesome game on your Android & iOS Devices.

Indus Battle Royale Apk Download
Indus Battle Royale Apk Download

Indus Battle Royale

In Indus, You are a Mythwalker. A hired gun, an adventurer, a blank slate. A thirst for the unknown has you diving head first onto the planet Indus for COVEN, an intragalactic syndicate. Indus is a mystery to most space-faring civilizations, a veritable collection of untouched, unexplored, and ever-changing islands.

You have landed on the mysterious island of Virlok on the mythical planet of Indus. Your objective is to survive and gather the sought-after element, Cosmium so that you can port back to safety. To achieve this goal, you must use specialized weapons, equipment, and supplies while battling against the enemy in a shrinking combat zone and exploring this uncharted universe.

What is Indus Battle Royale Apk?

Indus Battle Royale is an Indo-Futuristic Battle Royale developed by SuperGaming, and it is an Indian game. It has some New Features, including a New World, New Weapons, Awesome New Characters, and More. Download the New Indus Battle Royale Game and Explore the most Awesome game you have ever seen in your Life.

Indus Battle Royale is a land of myth, mysteries & unimaginable wonders. Indus was a planet thought to be lost in time and space. Until you got here. Indus Game is all Set to Launch in the Middle of 2023. The First Trailer of Indus Battle Royale launched 1 year ago.

Features of Indus Battle Royale

Indus Battle Royale has one of the Most Amazing and New Features, including New Weapons, World, Texture, Buildings, Characters, and Many More.

Let’s see the Detail Features of the Indus Battle Royale

1. New Characters

Indus Battle Royale has some new Futuristic Characters developed by Indian Developers. Names of Characters in Indus Battle Royale are Void, Biggaj, Sir Taj, Adam, Adya, and Null.

Indus Battle Royale Characters
Indus Battle Royale Characters

2. Weapons

Indus has a New and Futuristic Weapons Style with some High Damage Points.

  • KISMET CS10: A semi-automatic combat shotgun with a high damage output. Kismet fires its pellets in a pre-defined pattern, making it viable at longer ranges.
  • Tempest CFA: The Tempest CFA is a high-risk, high-reward gun, having the highest rate of fire in the Mythwalker arsenal. It also requires high skill and a bit of luck to be effective.
  • V-FURY: The V-Fury is part of the latest Vitalis series and is one of the most accessible SMGs with a relatively low skill ceiling.
  • A27 Locust: A jack of all trades, the Locust is good at all ranges and boasts a manageable but deadly rate of fire. Its mag capacity is enough to take down threats with ease.
  • Devastator: As a light machine gun, Devastator boasts a large ammo capacity and uses high-powered rounds, making it capable of shredding any foe caught in its sights.
  • Judgment: Judgment is a unique semi-automatic hand cannon with an extending barrel. It can take down a fully charged shield in its fully extended state.
  • Vintage: Vantage is one of the few weapons useful at very long ranges. It has the highest damage per bullet in the entire Mythwalker arsenal.

3. Collect Cosmium

The most valuable resource in the galaxy and why you are on Indus. Tasked by COVEN to retrieve Cosmium, you, Mythwalker, are on this quest for glory and riches on this mysterious planet. Cosmium is a unique substance that manifests itself as the battle wears on. Find it and win the game instantly. Sometimes, victory doesn’t wait for the last man standing.

4. Explore and Unravel the Mystery of the Indus

Indus is a now mysterious planet that was famous across the galaxy. However, it’s been thousands of years since now it lies silent and forgotten. And that’s where you come in. Explore and discover what happened to a once glorious planet and piece together the story of Indus.

3. Community

Indus Battle Royale has a Community of Highly Positive and Energetic People. If you want to become part of the Indus Game, join their Official Social Media and help the Indus Game to improve by giving your genuine Feedback to the Developers.

We don’t have Much Information about the Features of the Indus Battle Royale since this game is still to be released.

Download Indus Battle Royale (official Apk)

Indus Battle Royale Logo
Indus Battle Royale Logo
Game NameIndus Battle Royale
Size (Approx.)500 MB
DevelopersSuperGaming SG
Release DateStarting of 2024
Content ratingRated for 7+ • Mild Violence 
Last UpdatedApril 2024

NOTE: Since the Indus BattleRoyale game is Not Launched officially, Nor have they launched its Beta Version for the Players. We will Upload the Indus APK here Once the app is officially Released. We will not provide any unethical Application to you by any Means.

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How to Download and Install Indus Battle Royale Apk?

Step 1: Download the Indus Battle Royale app from the link above and be patient until the file is downloaded completely.

Step 2: Now go to Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Resources by clicking on the slider next to the unknown resources option. If already enabled, skip this, if not, enable it now.

Unknown Source
Unknown Source

Step 3: Now open File Manager on your Android device and navigate to the downloads folder or wherever you have Downloaded or Saved the Indus Apk.

Step 4: Tap on the Indus Battle Royale Apk file and click the install button after selecting apk file.  wait for the installation process to be completed, which might take some time as it is a large APK file.

Step 5: Once the Indus Game is Successfully Installed into Your Device. Close all the Background and Running Applications.

Step 6: Search for Indus Battle Royale in Your Launcher. Then, Open the Indus Apk, and all the Required files will be Downloaded Automatically, and your game will be Ready to play.

Indus Battle Royale Trailer

Indus First Trailer was premiered on 15 August 2022.

The Indus Gameplay Trailer Premiered on 26 January 2023.

Indus Frequently Asked Question

Indus Battle Royale is an Indo-Futuristic Battle Royale developed by SuperGaming, and it is an Indian game. It has some New Features, including a New World, New Weapons, Awesome New Characters, and More.

You can Download the Indus Battle Royale Game from https://indusbattleroyale.Pro.

The Current Version of Indu’s Battle Royale is v1.1,

It may cause installing a broken APK File. To Fix this issue, Uninstall the existing Indus App and install it from the Google Play Store

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